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We never really think about how reliant we are on water. Sure, as people, we know that we need it to survive. But think about how much we REALLY use water in our everyday lives. We use it to cook, drink, bathe, care for our pets, grow our crops and gardens, and much more.

You know the Garth Brooks song, “The River” …ever changing as it flows? This is such a great analogy because water is always changing, especially if your water is coming from a well. Environmental conditions constantly change, and those conditions are also changing what is in your water. This shows just how important it is to have your water tested to ensure it is completely safe for drinking or other uses.

Alamo Water Solutions offers a variety of water testing in Houston. We can test for basic contaminants and measure the pH of your water. Basic water tests can detect certain contaminants such as hardness, iron, manganese, coliform, and E-coli bacteria as well as other volatile organic compounds. Or we can send the samples we collect off to our laboratory for a more detailed, easy to read analysis. We would love to help you understand what kind of water you are using and tailor a system that is best for your needs to make sure your family is consuming the safest, cleanest water possible.

Water Testing

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