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Quality water softeners are hard to find that are not only effective at treating hard water but are also cost-effective and easy to maintain. Water conditioning companies in Friendswood can help you acquire water softeners and filters, but since most house owners have zero experience in this regard, it’s best to take professional guidance.

We at Alamo Water Service (AWS) have an extensive range of water softener products that are designed to give maximum satisfaction to our customers. We specialize in water softeners, water filtration, and water conditioning systems that are made in the USA and are designed to soften hard water effectively.


For house owners, who require water softeners in Friendswood, our products are readily available on our website. All our products guarantee 100% results and are low on maintenance. Whether you intend to invest in water softeners in Houston, or you require Friendswood water softeners we are ready to deliver softeners, all around Texas.

Some of our most popular water softeners include the following:

1) Caresoft Elite RC:

 AWS Caresoft Elite RC is by far the most in-demand water softener in Texas. Having the power of two tanks in one and an eco-friendly design, the system is one of the best Houston water softeners. Along with removing minerals from water, it oversees water usage, saves money by minimizing water usage, and even helps you get rid of odors, providing you with clean and healthy drinking water.

2) Caresoft Elite RC Twin:

This dual tank water softener is high on performance, and its two-chamber design helps it to function properly throughout the day and also at night. This filter removes minerals, bacteria, and disinfectants from the hard water in Houston and Friendswood. Its smart technology enables it to adjust according to your needs.

3) Total Care One Filter:

Made in the USA and designed by combining a specialized ONE™ cartridge filter and the advanced technology of our Total Care® conditioner, the system will efficiently purify the contaminated water, remove minerals, filter out manganese and iron, and also adjust the pH level of the water in your locality. This filter system has Vortech distribution plates which increase the efficiency of the system and ensure constant water flow.

4) Total Care Conditioners:

Unlike other water softener companies in Friendswood who give you water softeners and filters just to disinfect water at home, we at AWS have designed this Total Care Conditioner for the well and city water as well. The system filters all types of minerals including manganese, iron, remove odors and foul tastes and delivers you pure drinking water.

5) Alamo Gold: The Gold series is one of the most adaptable, smart, and simple water softeners available in our inventory. The system is pretty smart and the electronic control valve not only keeps a tab on your water usage but also regenerates when needed. More importantly, the system is powered by a back-up battery. Moreover, AWS Friendswood water softeners offer a guarantee on this system which gives you peace of mind for years to come.

Contact AWS for the best water treatment and for purchasing quality water softener products at +1 (281) 505-8054.

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