Commercial Water Services
Commercial Water Services

Water is an essential part of your life and your business.  So no matter if you are serving customers and employees in an office building, factory or shop, having the highest quality water is essential for your employees and customers health and well being.

Our industrial equipment has the answer to all of those problem water symptoms.  Not only is it designed with efficiency in mind, but it also will keep your pipes and plumbing infrastructure operating at a high level for a much longer period of time.

Get the quality water you expect by installing a high quality industrial plumbing systems, water softeners and conditioners and Reverse Osmosis systems that will put a smile on your employees and patrons faces.

Commercial Water ServicesCommercial Water Services for RESTAURANT

If you are a restaurant in South Texas, then water is an essential part of your routine from washing hands to preparing meals for your customers.  Water is often one of the main ingredients used in cooking and as any restauranteur and chef knows, the higher quality water you use, the tastier your breads, pastas and desserts will be.  Higher quality water coupled with our high capacity filters your also makes any beverage from craft beers to fountain drinks and coffee taste better.  Happy customers is always our goal, but that just does not mean the owner of the restaurant, it means the patrons that frequent your establishment.


Hospitals and medical offices are among the most important fixtures in our community.  Making sure that we are healthy is everyone’s top priority.  Having the right tools and ensuring that our health care professionals have everything that they need to wash their personal protective equipment, tools and hands is one of the top priorities for any hospital or medical office.  Alamo Water Solutions can provide a full assessment of your hospital or medical offices water quality.  Then provide recommendations on the items that you need to ensure that your medical facility provides the softest, most pure water for any need.


Alamo Water Solutions also offers Master Plumber Services, so no matter the scale and scope of your project, we can ensure that your project will be handled by experienced professionals who know and have handled large-scale industrial projects before.


Alamo Water Solutions will save you money. Our water softener and filtration systems are designed to be the highest quality equipment with the least amount of maintenance