Every now and then, a story about serious water problems such as lead contamination in Flint, Michigan, makes headlines and raises concerns. But the truth is, most municipal water in the United States is safe to drink.

We’re lucky to live in part of the world where clean drinking water is easy to find. Still, just because your home’s water is safe doesn’t necessarily mean its quality is ideal for your family’s needs. While municipal treatment plants disinfect water, there are other issues you may notice.

For starters, homes in urban areas, like Houston may still have hard water. Municipal water treatment does not remove the hard minerals calcium and magnesium, which are the cause of limescale and soap scum. These dissolved minerals make it harder to keep your house clean and can have a negative impact on hair and skin.

As much as 90 percent of homes in the U.S. have hard water. So, all homeowners in Houston could benefit from installation of a water softener.

One of the most common complaints from homeowners using municipal water is that it tastes like a swimming pool. What you’re tasting is the chlorine the municipality uses to disinfect the water. It’s an important step that ensures the water does not pick up any harmful bacteria as it travels to your house.

However, once it gets to your home, you don’t need that chlorine any more, and it certainly does affect the way your drinking water tastes. That’s why Alamo Water Solutions unique residential water treatment solutions can nip this problem right in the bud.

City Water Quality Complaints and Water Fixes for your home and family

Alamo Water Solutions Houston – Drinking Water – Water Filtration

For some homeowners, a unit with two types of filtration media is the right choice. This equipment includes both a resin that removes hardness and carbon to filter out the chlorine and other flavors and odors to improve the taste of your water. Just like the Alamo Water Solutions CareSoft Elite RC. It packs the punch that homeowners in South Texas need to remove the minerals, reduce hardness of your water and eliminate those foul tastes and odors.

While carbon is an ideal media for giving drinking water a polish that improves its taste, many homeowners want even more peace of mind when it comes to water quality. That’s why having reverse osmosis (R.O.) drinking water systems at your sinks have become so popular. AWS has a variety of options available for you, like the Water Maker Five, or if you really want the best for your home and family then you need to take a serious look at our Pioneer system.

All of our R.O. systems have a special membrane that purifies water by filtering out potentially harmful contaminants. That includes things like lead, which may leach from old infrastructure into the water supply. Learn more about the benefits of R.O. drinking water and check out our reverse osmosis FAQ to get additional information.

If you prefer to have lead removed from your whole-house instead of just at the sink, your Alamo Water Solutions Technician may recommend our Total Care ONE filter paired with a water softener. The compressed carbon inside is the ideal solution to reduce lead, PFOAs, and the chlorine common in city water.

Contact Alamo Water Solutions in Houston today at (210) 274-6122 and one of our technicians will talk to you about your specific water needs and work with you to find the best solution to make your life a little easier, and help you get water that doesn’t taste like a swimming pool!