About our Founder: Allen Townsend

Allen Townsend was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After serving overseas in the US Marine Corps, he married his high school sweetheart, Trudy. Allen wanted to provide for his growing family, so he started a sales job with a large national water treatment franchise.  He quickly climbed the ranks within the company and soon became a contract salesman, working with a few different large name water treatment companies. Allen was enthusiastic about learning and took time to study the equipment and sales techniques of each company he worked for. Allen swiftly became a trusted resource due to his expertise and knowledge. All the while, he continuously studied water treatment, sales, communication, and how to be a better person. After years of hard work and dedication, Allen started his own water treatment business. While he loved the idea of having his own business, it took a lot of time away his family. So, in 1994, Allen began to oversee the training of sales teams at another big corporation. Although he was no longer his own boss, he continued to strive for excellence. Allen was a strong leader; always respected for his wisdom and fairness. Even when he had to make tough decisions, everyone knew that the changes were calculated and made with only the best intentions.

In 2008, Allen learned that the company he worked for was misleading customers in order to make more of a profit. Allen knew what they were doing was wrong, so he left the company, unsure what he would do next. All he knew was that whatever he did, he wanted to do it the right way. He wanted to ensure that his products were truly helping people and wanted to ensure his customers were receiving a great value and a high quality product. Allen then decided to stick to what he knew best; he knew people and he knew water. In 2009, Alamo Water Solutions was born. A business that he could be proud of and a way to build a legacy for his growing family. Allen met with engineers at Watts Water Technologies to create a product line that would be a game changer in the water treatment industry. The “industry standard” was not good enough. Going with that meant selling equipment that would continuously need repairs and take more money to maintain. It was at that point Allen decided he would only sell equipment built to last and equipment that he would want in his own home so he chose components that would extend the life of his systems without driving up the cost. He put his customers first and was committed to selling a product that added value to their life. It was his customer-first mentality that allowed his company to flourish. He was a vital and irreplaceable part of the Alamo Water Solutions family and we strive to continue his legacy everyday.

Our systems are designed to be the highest quality equipment with the least amount of maintenance.

Alamo Water Solutions is Texas based, family owned and operated.

Members of the WQA (Water Quality Association) which keeps us in touch with the entire water treatment industry.

Licensed by the T.C.E.Q (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) as a Class III Water Treatment Specialist.

Our equipment is designed for high flow rates and low maintenance.

We use American Sourced components whenever possible.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Alamo Water Solutions?

Alamo Water Solutions will save you money. Our water softener and filtration systems are designed to be the highest quality equipment with the least amount of maintenance.