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Water Treatment

What's Your Water Symptom?

Some water problems are undetectable by human senses and may be a serious contamination issue.

Water Treatment


All water treatment companies claim to work on all models. In reality, the service company wants to get face to face with you in order to sell you a new water softener. Let us take a look.

Water Treatment

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Information is paramount in water cleanliness and safety. We want to provide you with the tools to insure you are getting the best info available from our experts.

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Amanda has good and skill and experience and all of her her answers were very clear. Good patience and understanding and through knowledge of installation by considering pros and cons for right place.
Water Treatment
Masi M
Great customer service! My house wasn’t pre-plumbed, they did the pipe installation and added two exterior faucets. I’m very happy with it, I could tell the difference with the water immediately.
Water Treatment
Eddie V.
Santiago has done a great job for us ! He’s very nice and professional!
Water Treatment
Thanhlan N.


Alamo Water Solutions Blog
Water Treatment

How Water Softeners Work Using Salt

Have you ever wondered what happens within your home’s water softener system? You may find yourself wondering more about the operation and why you may have to add salt. That’s why we’ve created this article

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Water Treatment

Common Contaminants in Houston Drinking Water

Houston gets much of its water supply from the winding rivers and local lakes nearby. Unfortunately, these waterways get polluted from industrial emissions, automobiles, residential and commercial wastewater, garbage, and contaminated stormwater runoff, creating health

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